Aegean Battleships Feedback Thread


Sorry for such late feedback here it goes.

This event was over complicated. IE: shoot a box, hit something or miss, get one spin of wheel to move 1 to 3 spots toward "grand prize", get another prize if you clear the board completely of ships, random doubler 2x and weird random spy glass. WAY TOO RANDOM! People play grep to use "strategy" not complicated random stuff.

Extra cannon balls were far too expensive. Also see above, that buying an expense cannon ball didn't get you anything more than another random shot so most didn't bother.

Lastly, the random and weak rewards (except the 10 CP and the angry dude that was permanent) did not inspire more play or more purchases. Only one heighten senses for the entire event? 1 hour nerieds? No passionate population growths, no 4xBP, etc... Instead you got "instant 1000 of each resource", 10% defense, 10% attack, 20% attack, etc... constantly. Too much quantity of crumby rewards and very few worthwhile rewards made this event uninspiring.

Very good events have been the events like the Hen, Pandora's box, events where you progress through battles with similar (in event units), etc... Also a key to every good event is the being able to get to the end and get a full city slot as a reward.