Adeptus Per Noctem (ApN)


We are Adeptus Per Noctem!

We are currently recruiting in Ocean 56 solely. If you spawn in this ocean, contact Praseodymian. He will get back to you within 9 hours. Please be patient.

We will not be having any pacts until at least a week after BP ends. This is to allow us to decide who is the grain and who is the chaff surrounding us.

I am a grepolis veteran, from the EN servers. I have played grepo for a year. I was in the role of any sort of leader in the following worlds; 12th best alliance on lamia (co-founder), short time on ephesus & byzantium, number one alliance on paros (forum mod), ex-8th best alliance on paros (council), small premade on thebes (diplo).
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