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Your a joke bud, did you even read what i put that's why i do not post here bc of players like you who hide behind another name and post nonsense.

I never said luck about ghosts or anything, all i said was that many free cities gave SS the chance to move in and claim 55. i know REDS were sieged but not at the level as too render 55 lost.

The only reason 55 was lost was because of all the ghosts now if your to slow to understand that then that's on you.

BADA are a joke always have been, outnumbered 6 to 1 and we held and more.

As for wonders if i had 3 wonders or 2 or whatever your joke of an alliance had i would not hand them over to an ally so that said ally can win.

Bada was geographically located to take wonders from both SS and Ugs but instead chose an easy route, the victory is not yours its Sinners no matter how many Bada players were brought in too feel special for the award. SS is the victor.
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im not a part of bada and i dont think im really hiding but i dont see how my ign is relevant to the discussion. seems like another childish attempt to remain credible after your obvious hypocrisy

The only reason 55 was lost was because of all the ghosts now if your to slow to understand that then that's on you.
I never said luck about ghosts or anything, all i said was that many free cities gave SS the chance to move in and claim 55

well my fellow dimwit isnt that part of the game? putting reds in siege or taking their cities after they have folded? im not sure how you could dismiss o55 success as the result of players quitting and not recognizing that many of those ghosts are linked to our success... you discredit our advance in o55, i could only assume you meant we were a lucky bunch if we werent somehow responsible for a portion of these ghosts showing up. do you prefer "fortunate bystander of circumstances" over "lucky" to sum up your opinion?

As for wonders if i had 3 wonders or 2 or whatever your joke of an alliance had i would not hand them over to an ally so that said ally can win.

see im criticizing you for accepting the wonder after you made a point of discrediting SaS earlier, if you want to bash bada for handing off a wonder then you should do the same to fubar giving you a wonder. it seems kind of cruel but you seemed to be so adamant about trashing bada based on your, very flexible principles, seems only fair to lay into fubar for doing the same. AT BEST giving up 1 wonder for a few bada members to get a victor award = giving up 1 wonder for fubar members to get nothing but an attempt at spite, should you succeed. even thats a stretch to call equal scenarios

Im assuming you just keep pivoting to bada like some failed politician because you imagine it will make you look better but silly stupid me isnt all that sure how, when you are on the ACCEPTING side of the ww exchange...

If you are happy with an alliance saying here take this wonder instead of fighting for it then you only want the easy road and the win is tainted, Its laughable it really is.. because i like to laugh, im laughing at you going back on your principles and "old school" attitude. SaS has accepted 1 or 2 wonders, broken 2, and landed on a number of others but according to you it, they shouldnt be credited with those because of your expertise on o55 & fubar/bish-waf affairs (though you insist you were above all the coalition stuff, thats for another day though)

wouldnt it just be easier to give credit were credit is due and admit that you have shifted your position on the WW hand offs? Cant we all agree that WW are a poor representation of what grepolis is supposed to be?
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I know who you are and yes wonders to end a fighting game has always not made much sense. I have given credit to SS just not BADA, i never said or diminished your achievement just that if you are a strategist you would at least realize that the sheer number of ghosts and in actives bc of ADs team leaving initially was the reason of 55 being compromised. From there bc of all the chaos it was only a matter of time.

As for the wonders you should have to fight for a win not get handed one. What you guys did after no one can take away. Blame Fubar all you want but ask yourself this if you tried to get all 7 wonders would this happen. Or for that matter Bada who when looking at the map was in a good position to get too all wonders relevant.

Coalitions killed this world but is what it is.


First off al your one of the biggest noobs ive met in grepolis..... You talk so much trash and your play is just the opposite.... You bend the truth.... So let me tell you how this world played out....

Bada and sinners were pacted from almost the beginning.... We alreayd made a plan to secure the wonders in north 44 before wonders even started. We didnt get 3 wonders we got 2 .... It was always planned that sinners would hold wonders..... Because they were further from our enemies....

And do think you guys actually are good.... You say you were outnumbered 6 to 1..... You need to understand .... Half of our team never even fought you..... We had multiple wars on multiple fronts.... Uglies, bish, we are fallen, and you.... The whole server we fought on three sides..... If we had the chance to turn on you guys you would be gone long time ago.... So sit over there in your dump of a location and try to protect the only thing you have left. You guys never made a difference in this world, and you will never amount to anything...... Your has beens.... You will get over taken like we did to your siege on nori last night, and all your gonna do is say ... "it took all these people to take us down"
LOL there he is wow he came out of his SIMMER lifestyle. Clint say all you want bud but Legionkane and other past leaders of Bada have said the opposite of what you are saying here. I and others actually play here unlike you who Sim, How is Vero doing Clint? Leadership struggles LOL..
Our little corner is fine by me getting a ton of BP more so then most of your top guys and a 1/4 of the points. Unlike you and some other top guys i have not missed time due to well lets say not VM LOL..

It took players in 3 alliances to break our siege last night and we were not even at full strength with support, so keep pounding your chest Clint and go back to Simming or VM..

As for location well I stayed in Pella while you left bc your alliance crumbled and got absorbed. Next world i will be in the Core like i have always been.

PS--- thanks for not writing in CAPS :)
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I did not once claim i was the best i said i was good...unintelligible sloth stuffs... To me top ABP mean crap especially with the way you can spend gold these days. NOT high enough rank spend few 100 dollars get some gold to gold troops

I now understand where you have been going wrong and how you can become a reasonable player without needing to use gold. I have a few tips that will help you up your game so you can perform at an adequate lv.

1 Ratios

The game works on ratio's so the bigger the army, the better you'll do in a fight. In future you should research plow and tailor your buildings. Having a lv 7 barracks in a naval city, is a waste of pop and once you put thermal baths in and have finished altering building, you should drop your senate back down.

2) Speed (travel)

It doesn't matter how large your army/navy is, if it is too slow to make it to the fight. In naval cities research cartography and in myths or landlocked units research meteorology as those will make you move faster.

3) Speed (recruitment)

If your units were fast enough to make it to a fight, chances are some if not all will die. This is where you are going horribly wrong and where your gold use assumption is coming from.

Researching mathmatics, not only saves resources, it means you can fit more units in your build queues. So that way when you use improved recruitment/coto/nerids you will apply those bonuses to more units. (addition: as does maxing your warehouse by keeping it at lv 29 you are less efficient at rebuilding)

By researching shipwright you can improve the recruitment time by an additional 10%.

By combining those two researches, you can use tokens/spells and stack your build queues so you won't need to resort to using gold on troops. It's what the rest of us do and why we don't spend $100s on the game every month.

For troop cities, conscription and trainer will have the same results.

By assigning Apheledes to your city you could have fixed everything wrong with this

quickly and for less resources than you have wasted by building bires at full price since you took the city a yr ago

EDIT: Additional pointer.

The city I took this morning showed another way that you have been going wrong.

Sieges work off the research in the attacking city, not the one you are taking. So you should make sure that battering ram and phallanx are researched and good optional extras are divine selection and battle experience Not going to debate the last 2 as you can make cases for both researched or not however if you dropped your senate down from 24 (again you should be doing this in all cities as you are wasting pop), then you would have easily enough pop to up your acad to 34 and still have additional pop left over if you chose to have them.

That way if your siege gets attacked, all the units defending the siege will fight harder. Meaning you will lose less units, so don't need as much rebuilding. You will be more likely to hold the siege. Will get a better BP pay off.

There are plenty of good city build guides around that will be able to help you. If you need me to find you some, I'm sure I have copies saved somewhere that I can send you. If not I'm happy to write some up for you.
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