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So I found a city on an entirely uninhabited island and there are no farming villages. In fact, in all the surrounding islands I see no farming villages. Why is this? How do I produce farming villages or do many islands not have them? (the island is quite large, also)

Matt / Mutoi

Citizen Kong

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Yes... So by the looks of it;

.....33 43 53 63
.....34 44 54 64 74
.....35 45 55 65 75
.....36 46 56 66 76
......... 47 57 67

Are the only habitable islands with farming villages. Anything outside these areas I find no islands with farm villages. I am not sure why, or what determines what islands get farming villages. Perhaps it is related to population of server and creates them as-needed. That's my theory.


well you dont need to worry about being conquered by your unfriendly neibor as much.Because you only need to defend by sea.Which Is why they are good for Naval specialty cities. And they are good Gap fillers when your alliances dominates they Ocean.:)


это просто острова
там нет деревень
нельзя построить чудо света
можно только построить новый город

такие острова есть во всех мирах!

it's just Islands
there are no villages
can not build a world wonder
You can only build a new city

such islands exist in all worlds!


so if 2 ppl inhabit and unhabited island will that bring the farming villages to it?

Lee Sin

if you see an island like this

where it has no farming villages but it has anchor points where you can invite new people, you could get someone (preferably someone other than yourself) to make a city there so you can conquer it.

proof it works:

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