A funny convo with WarKing33


shab786 today at 11:14
WarKing33 today at 11:15
u about to lose that city :)
shab786 today at 11:16
I know, good thing I don't play here properly lol
shab786 today at 11:16
Seriously all I do is send def out to peeps which gets wiped and rebuild all day.
WarKing33 today at 11:16
it's cool i will do u a favor and take ur other 3 cities lol
WarKing33 today at 11:17
that way u can move on to a new world ;P
shab786 today at 11:17
lol, by all means, take Icewind first, that's my best city in terms of structure. Spy all my cities, I've got 0 troops more or less
shab786 today at 12:27
Why don't we all be friends?
WarKing33 today at 12:48
U got skype?
shab786 today at 12:55
Yeah, why?
WarKing33 today at 13:00
So we can keep in touch once another world opens
shab786 today at 13:02
Perfect XD, I love talking with a retard lol. On a serious note for the last week or so I've not built anything except my markets here to trade gold. The reason for this was to make my city look less attractive, and why should I pile in res to build a city that is inevitably going to get CS'd when I can get BP from create dlu and birs lol.
WarKing33 today at 13:02
Lol a retard?
shab786 today at 13:02
You probably think I'm a noob because I didn't sea storm your CS lol, it's because I didn't want to.
shab786 today at 13:03
You sure play like one if you can't time your LS.
shab786 today at 13:06
Can I join your alliance. Just to take a dump in your forums, then I can leave after.
WarKing33 today at 13:12
Hahahaha i will love to rim u
shab786 today at 13:13
Should I take that as a no or a yes... or a maybe? lol
WarKing33 today at 13:14
Oh no i dont invite noobs hahaha
shab786 today at 13:15
Lol you need to capitalise your I's... maybe then you can call me a noob.
shab786 today at 13:16
Don't let my attacks scare you.
shab786 today at 13:20
That is me done for the day TC mate and have fun. Sorry for the retard comment lol, that was out of context. You were in your right to call me a noob for that. Although I'm sure I don't qualify as one.


shab786 today at 16:11
Noob, is that all?
shab786 today at 16:12
How about we call it a truce and be friends?

WarKing33 today at 16:30
I am rimming u
WarKing33 today at 16:30

shab786 today at 17:05
lol, you must have serious issues in RL to behave like this in a game.

WarKing33 today at 17:10
Maybe? Lol
shab786 today at 17:11
On a serious note, I would sincerely appreciate it if we parted ways here. My populace has decided they don't want your smelly ass on the throne lol.
WarKing33 today at 17:14
Lol i want ur cities tho!

shab786 today at 17:15
Who else will give you all this banter though lol... I bet my messages have been giving you more entertainment than attacking me.

WarKing33 today at 17:17
Hahaha agree..i am attacking other 3 people so no worries u aint the only one feeling special today
shab786 today at 17:19
Oh my talk about putting me down, there is me doing parades in all my cities from the BP letting my peeps applaud me for my hardwork. And there is you saying I was only getting a piece of the pie.

Lol I just found the whole situation funny he thought he had a easy CS but failed losing over 500 LS, 1k slingers, 500 hops and 25+ catapults. Not a lot, but nice BP either way.
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so as i understand this, he took you lightly, you beat his cs, and you jump on here to talk crap!! i love this guy!! kings throw him an invite so we can jump on him, oh wait, hes insignificant why bother. but hey, i appreciate you jumping on in here trying to make yourself feel special


i don't get it lol...anyone can stack a harbor with birms lol.....u sniped me?you stacked the harbor congrats ;)...i am keeping my word on rimming u btw ;p