PnP A failed betrayal and the awakening of TheCult


This story starts one night as I was relaxing with a beer when my phone starts screaming that sound we all hate. It then ran right off the table as my city's began cowering in fear from the sheer magnitude of attacks

The VII had broken our pact and decided they would make an example of TheCult and show how much of warriors they are as King Richard describes themselves as.

So here we are. The warriors not diplomats vs a simming Cult who they thought had moved on from this world.

Since The VII decided to target the Inactive founder I decided it was I only fair to pass on the love to The VII founder.

After landing a CS inside Wrilys city which is on a mostly VII controlled island his team decided to start re-sending trips. However, they forgot that the whole point of trips was to make sure the city was not in siege in the first place. But the mighty VII warriors know this right?

Now comes the real backlash. They decided that cult doesn't need sleep. So I end up having attacks incoming on multiple cities. Lack of sleep becomes a solid thing as I dodge more times than I have ever done before.

More fun ensues as they continue to attack. Try as they may to slip a CS into my cities between all these attacks.

BUT WAIT! What happens when you send a CS that you've told your alliance "OMG guys this will land. I need a ton of that supportzzz"

Well. I recommend telling your team to pull there support. Otherwise you start killing yourselves.. Here is what the mighty VII warriors did to themselves as I finally got to get that much needed sleep (after staying up for hours on end).

And my favorite is the guy who nuked himself. But hey, at least he activated double BP.

Thanks for the comic relief guys. I'm enjoying Troy again and let's raise a glass to watching you guys slam your OLU on your own support in the future!

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