A cities Home Guard

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My question addresses New Comers (Me) to the Game and are building their First City ( also First ever city).
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(ignore this line replaced by above) No matter if you have a Defense City, Offense City or Hybrid City

What is the Core Group of a cities defense.

It has been recommended to me




These would always be left behind to protect the city when you provide support to a person or go on the attack

Any suggestions/Recommendations

Edit reason: This question basically concerns issues for new players with only their first City. Having read the Guides. I understand about Offensive and Defensive purpose built cities.

New Players should be reading the many guides that experienced players have spent time creating so the that new players can get into and enjoy Grepolis sooner.

Thank you all who have responded so far
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Trys Asgon

I never use hoplites, and swordman to defend!

I prefer chariot, because they have got very good defensive points, and I prefer archers,too! In a land defensive city you musthave only chariots and archers (300/300)

Night Watch

Thank you.

I had not thought about the Chariots.


How many Bireme

It is hoped that a player will be in a good alliance and will get support. But how many Bireme should be in the Home Guard.


I disagree with Trys. Archers and Chariots is an okay combination, but I prefer the sword archer hoplite routine. Although I tend to use a 1:1:2 ratio out of laziness, 6:2:5 is probably better, though me being me I'd probably alter it a bit for a slightly better sharp or blunt defense.
Anyways, you shouldn't have defensive troops in an offensive city, or vice versa, and hybrid cities are useless once your empire gets going. A pure bireme city usually has over 200 biremes, sometimes over 300. For a hybrid city when you're starting out, 50's a good number. Make sure to destroy them once you have a city producing just biremes.

Trys Asgon

I know, archers and hoplites are a bit better than archersand chariots, but the chariots defense points are better, and we can attack with him, too.

And I think the mixed cities are the worst, because if somebody attack you, you will lost your attack troops, too

But many people, many opinion :)


Swords (strong vs distance weapons), archers (strong vs sharp weapons), hoplites (strong vs blunt weapons)
We can substitude swords by chariots (they are stronger and faster but more expensive on ressources and pop and slowest for recruit). More they can be used to attack (they are better than hoplites)


The best defense IMO is this:

500 archers
500 hoplites
500 swordmen
60 transports (bunks researched)
20-30 biremes
and about 10-15 pegasi

And of course the level 25 wall and tower.

That will basically crush nearly anything put up against it. If you have morale in your favor...you will never die (kinda got 50,000 slingers with that defense killed).