4th of July specifically and holidays

I realize this comes of a shock to the game makers of grepolis but most Us players want the holiday time and Cease Fire regardless of speed of world which is a BS answer i got from a Mod... Last Year i petitioned too have thanksgiving holiday and it worked i didnt think we had anything too worry about the 4th of july lol but i was wrong..

I also realize it might be too late too do anything but for this mis cue at least some sort of reward should be given to players. I mean speed of world determines Breaks LOL cmon...

Please can i we get answers here....

Al the Conqueror


Staff member
Hey Al,

Unfortunately for a smaller holiday such as this, no ceasefire was implemented. If the community sentiment is that we want all holidays to be considered for ceasefires I am happy to look into it, but for this year specifically, it will not be a ceasefire.


Could my group get an exact defination about "DOMINATION" end game????
What counts and do pacted alliances count as ONE?
Alliances are limited to 40----does that mean only 40 players get the crown?