1st US Player Council Discussion Thread


Player's Council
We are glad to inform you that all elected US candidates confirmed participation in Grepolis Player Council [GPC] and we have begun the actual work (more about this in Council News).

GPC Term 2 | 1st US Player Council members: @HMZephyr, @gorsh.daddy, @morg

Feel free to post here any issues about Grepolis, US players' community, Council and propose us topics for discussions or polls!

The concept of Local Player Council is to provide feedback on market level for Innogames by learning more about your concerns, ideas in order to develop Grepolis in such a way that best reflects our community's preferences.
Council members are messengers only, we need your input and cooperation in an organized manner to make the best out of this.
Few discussion categories proposed by Council:
  • Endgame
  • App
  • Spam
  • Events
  • Heroes
If your feedback / idea fits any of these topics, please post in the proper sticky thread instead of creating a new one!
/these threads will be open by the end of the week, please be patient/
For other issues please use Concerns and Ideas thread or you can propose a new discussion topic right here too, you may also contact Council members for advise.

It is very important to keep this forum section clean thus new readers, (council) members of other markets, developers... can get a good overview and find quick the topic of their interest. This section is moderated and maintained by Support Team, same Rules apply like on the rest of the forum, Council's scope is limited to general game discussions.

You can read more about game development & backstages of Grepolis on DevBlog & try newest features, events on Public Beta Market.
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Player's Council
We have an inner deadline to collect & list all your current ideas and concerns by next week Thursday (June 21).
Please make sure to post everything here during this weekend (we will need some time to process and organize them) - it doesn't have to be anything grandiose, we are interested in any little game problems that you encountered, just like in concepts of how you would revolutionize the game.

It would be nice to get your suggestions for the next weekly discussion too - please post here!

(current big topic in Inner Council: 'ally bashing' - exploits after BP reform / 'senses' tokens)


Some things that come to mind, that have been discussed in the ideas forum in the past:
- Make Stone Hail selectable. There are times you want to mangle the city, and other times, you just want to take the wall out. Right now the only way to control this is to 'unresearch' the ability, and then add it back.
- Revamp the 'Farming Village' tab to reduce the effort/time when you have more cities. Goal would be a single click (with appropriate delay) to farm all villages.
- Going really radical, Improve maps to be more similar to what Grepointel occasionally provides.

Many suggestions around the mobile app: ability to move from one message to the next when reviewing reports; ability to get back to where you were in the alliance forum after sending support/attack from a posting; make advisors usable (farming villages, culture, etc - other than inate abilities [improved attack/defense/travel times/etc]).

I'm sure there are many other short comings that can be added to the list.

Meg TheBeagle

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My two cents. I really like what the IC is attempting to do in the forum. I appreciate the open invitation to comment on different issues in the game. I also feel like you will all actually listen. Whether Grepo does, well, I been there done that with committees and know how that goes.

Keep up the good work, you three.

Meg TheBeagle