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The plan is simple: Rate the player above you.

Name : ?
Past Experience: ? (Community Status)
Points: ?
Alliance: ?
ABP: ?
DBP: ?
Timing: ?

Total: ?/70

Note: This style format was common 5-6 years ago, and proves valuable in helping players evolve and refine their skillsets. Aim to exclude excessive mud slinging, and instead focus on areas of constructive improvement. Whether it's timing, diplomacy, activity, et. al, there are always opportunities to improve.

To get things started, feel free to either rate me on the criteria or just copy/paste the template above. (Slight amendment was made to add 'Timing'.)


Name : 9
Past Experience: 9 (Community Status)
Points: 8
Alliance: 10
ABP: 8
DBP: 4
Timing: 9.5

Total: 57.5/60
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Note: This can also be applied to prior servers granted there's valid evidence to support your claims! Someone hook my guy @7734 up with a post! ;)