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Rate The Player Above You

Name : ?
Past Experience: ? (Community Status)
Points: ?
Alliance: ?
ABP: ?
DBP: ?

Total: ?/60


Name : 8/10, solid name
Past Experience: 4/10,never seen or heard of you before so I have no idea
Points: 3/10, only 5 cities and 25k points for a world over 2 months in
Alliance: 8/10, The Dragon Den is good, hate that they're pacted with SDR though
ABP: 5/10, 5k, decent for that amount of cities
DBP: 2/10, only 3k, you gotta support some more sieges if you're not getting attacked

Total: 30/60


Name : idk, do you like have like 66 decks or something?? j/k :p 7/10
Past Experience: i think i have been fighting your alliance but nothing before that, so 6/10
Points: why do you only have 9 cities?? what are you doing? 5/10 until you figure it out ;)
Alliance: Was a MRA that went on a diet and lost some weight. Keep tightening that belt!! Plus, HUGE improvement on your guys' war with SAX <3 <3 8/10
ABP: 9 cities with 30k ABP, im new to the game so like idk if thats badass or if it sucks...so like 6/10 because it sounds good
DBP: 12k DBP, again not sure... so well just do 6/10 again :D

Total: 38/60


Enough of the silly quarrels you two! thisisgrepolis

I will rate DoubleYourEgo since that was the last serious post...

Name: 8/10, pretty cool name
Past Experience: 6/10, haven't heard of you from any world I used to play in, but this is my first world after a long break
Points: 9/10, rank 20, BP says you have earned the cultural levels, so nothing to argue there
Alliance: 6/10, a small band of people terrorizing every alliance, does seem fun but also gets you a lot of enemies :p
ABP: 10/10, 300k+ which is beautiful
DBP: 10/10, number 1 defender, can't be better than that

Total: 49/60