1. Supporting other players

    Hi If I send support to other players and the men that I send over die, do I get any BP for them? Thanks
  2. Sending Units to Support

    Hi I was wondering if I send some of my units to support someone, would I get the units for those men back (the men you get when you build a farm and use to train troops)? I know you get them back when troops die but I'm not sure how it works when you send them to support. Thanks Andrew
  3. Troops used to Colonize

    Hi How do you get the troops you sent when colonizing a new city back to the original one? In other words recall the troops back. Thanks
  4. Troops loss

    Looked around the forums and I have not seen a thread about this yet: When I attack a player what has troops I lose a proportionate amount of my troops depending on defense and offense... that I understand. Why do I still lose 15-20 troops when attacking a player that is undefended? These...