1. Support or Attack

    I was just wondering. If a player supports another player's city, and then attacks the that same city, who do the support units fight for?
  2. All support disappeared

    I know when you conquer a new city, your CS disappears and you regain population. But all my support that I sent with the CS has vanished...there was no resistance in the city. Please fix 5c87f59c2a7c9bfcb30c19454d47aba5
  3. Conquest Support

    One of my alliance members is taking a city, it is clear and I have BIRs in the harbor to protect and act as a trip wire, for when the CS lands... I just want to be clear in that I should pull them before the CS lands so that they do not kill the CS... I read that could happen I just want to...
  4. Supporting other players

    Hi If I send support to other players and the men that I send over die, do I get any BP for them? Thanks
  5. Sending Units to Support

    Hi I was wondering if I send some of my units to support someone, would I get the units for those men back (the men you get when you build a farm and use to train troops)? I know you get them back when troops die but I'm not sure how it works when you send them to support. Thanks Andrew
  6. Permanent transfer of units

    Is there anyway to permanently move units to another city without the home city having to support those troops and have the destination city allowed to interact with those units and use them for attacks?