1. World Skype Chat (Hype)

    Add Helicoping on skype to join the fun house skype party! :D Chat Link:
  2. Question- Grepo Bot

    I hope this is the right spot to ask, but when can we expect the Skype Grepo Bot to start monitoring Baris? I've been getting the "Invalid or unsupported server." error.
  3. New Actium World Chat

    for all those who want in here is the link.. FRESH NEW ACTIUM 2.0 skype:?chat&blob=EWeehlMRMytrdZAocsVWwnL7rEZAcaaWXedXJDjNMYMggi4OqSVSN0qPtVbuXea3Zs4-xN6AxPxWC7f4c7d5I9VMAmQ seeing that certain members have issues with having a second room.. make it simple.. respect the players in this one...
  4. Troy World Chat

    Troy World Chat is waiting for you! Add to your skype contacts or post your skype names below to join!