1. Quest log bug- I think

    Whenever I go into my quest log, I look at my quest for an Academy level 30. I have one city with a level four and one with a level twenty nine. For some reason, on either city I am on it says I only have four. World:KOS In Game Name: Thepotatomaster Have check the known bugs list...
  2. I Cant put silver in my cave i have well over 1000 silver and im not currently on spy

    im not currently spying on anyone and i have well over 1000 silver and i want to put 1000 silver in my cave to i can start my first spy mission so i can complete the quest for the first time you spy on a city but it wont let me add any silver to my cave HELP!!!
  3. Island Quests

    Hi Are the island quests still happening or were they only for a few days? I haven't had any new ones since last night and I usually get them every few hours. Thanks
  4. Research not on Academy

    Hi One of my tutorial quests says that i need to research 'Conquest' in the Academy,however when I looked in the Academy I do not have it in there so I am a little bit stuck.
  5. Quests

    Hi I was just wondering at what point during the game do you stop getting new quests. Mine have stopped quite a long time ago but a friend of mine is still getting new ones to this day and he has been playing for quite a while too. Thanks