1. why should i not conquer a city on my own island?

    im curiose. I was reading the faq and someone said that I would be better off not conquering a city on my own island. I was wondering why is that? I thought it would be a good thing to take over my entire island if possible. any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Scotropolis

    CS 2 hours from target and player being attacked goes on Vacation mode. ***?

    Please tell me after all the battling that this will not stop me from taking this city. That is garbage and should be changed if that is the case. Please tell me it is not. I've spent tons of troops bringing this player to its knees for him to pull this crap. Give me some good news...
  3. How do I attack and capture a city?

    I just attacked the city with the thought of conquering it, but it only gave me some of the resources and did not give me control of the city? What did I do wrong?