1. Re-using ships & soldiers after conquest

    So I've conquered a city without a fight. My ships and soldiers are now just sitting there. I found something in the wiki that says I can't use them to support my new city ("you men, stay here & watch the boat... yes, all of you"). OK, dumb but whatever. So I'd like to re-use them to conquer...
  2. defending against Colony Ship

    When a colony ship hits a city do the other ships in that wave stay in the city or do they go back?
  3. Finding lost ships and units

    Hi I sent out a fleet of ships (fireships, transports with units, birems) with colony ship to start my first new colony After the new colony was established, the units and ships that I sent are no where to be found (not listed as members of the new colony) And yet, the home city still shows...
  4. how to train colony ship?

    please let me know where i can train colony ship?? and how to train slinger????
  5. colony ships in revolt

    when i am taking over another city does the city still have to be within the 48 hour range of the colony ship or is the 48 hour limit only for colonizing?