1. City Entered?

    What does this mean: "This city has been entered and can be reserved."
  2. What do I get after conquering a city?

    The rules and scenarios for this game are somewhat lacking. I like what I see so far but I'm getting ready (building up to it) to conquer my first city. Nowhere in here do I see what I get once I do that? Is the city mine, intact, damaged, what? Do I get the remaining population or any troops...
  3. why should i not conquer a city on my own island?

    im curiose. I was reading the faq and someone said that I would be better off not conquering a city on my own island. I was wondering why is that? I thought it would be a good thing to take over my entire island if possible. any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. Troops used to Colonize

    Hi How do you get the troops you sent when colonizing a new city back to the original one? In other words recall the troops back. Thanks
  5. Catapults and City Walls

    Hi Does anyone know how many levels the city wall will be knocked down if i use a catapult to attack a city? Thanks