1. Software Errors, Help!

  2. You Cannot Send Out Any More Resources Than You Own...

    I try to send resources from one city to another and I get an error telling me "You cannot send out any more resources than you own" even though I am sending what is displayed for my resources. I refresh the page and I have the same resources. So then I try to send again and get the same...
  3. Missing Troops

    So I logged in today and noticed that I am missing a most of my hoplites and some of my archers. I checked the reports to see if I was attacked. But it does not appear that I was. Here is a screen capture to prove my story: btw, I remember having 50-60 hoplites and at least 40 archers...
  4. battle points not being generated after 11/08/2012 update

    can someone please address this issue I have sent several attacks since this update today and have not received any battle points from them....This is very upsetting that I lost so many troops and ships and did not get my BPs for them