1. TARTARUS O45/044

    Thank you for checking out my thread. Our alliance,TARTARUS Legacy, is recruiting new and experienced members who like playing as a team to grow as an alliance. Our priority ocean is 45 and now 44/55 as well. Any bordering ocean of 45 is welcome to apply as well. Tartarus is Both a primordial...
  2. No revolt attack option

    I am in a revolt world and I have conquest researched and have a CS in my dock but I am not given the option to send any attack except a regular attack. Any advice or assistance would be helpful. I have read through the revolt section on wiki numerous times to verify my t's were crossed and i's...
  3. Battle Points

    Hi Ive made a few attacks over the last couple of days but I do not seem to be getting any Battle Points. When is it that you actually gain BP? Thanks
  4. Catapults and City Walls

    Hi Does anyone know how many levels the city wall will be knocked down if i use a catapult to attack a city? Thanks
  5. How do I attack and capture a city?

    I just attacked the city with the thought of conquering it, but it only gave me some of the resources and did not give me control of the city? What did I do wrong?