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  1. Domination World Should be Smaller Alliance Numbers! and Quicker!

    So this is my first domination round and my first round back in like ever! Very awesome concept, but the world is practically over just one month in as the top alliance basically just came in ready to rock and has tripled the average city size of the next largest alliance. My suggestion is...
  2. Whens the next world Starting?

    Something fun, fast and furious. All I ask for is no Conquest. When the CS arrives, city should be captured! No need to extend the process any farther! Regards, Matty
  3. When does 63 Start? Missed another start...... again :( grrrrr

    I just came on and realized I am already a week late. :( I know that some of you donate in order to catch up fast, but with my playing time, I need to tart right from day 1. Anyone know when 63 will start? I always seem miss the starts!
  4. Why did I not see an announcement for this world in the announcements section??

    Would be helpful if new worlds were announced on a regular basis! grr :) Oh wait, maybe it's linked to my Spam in my Email...... I'll try that... But I don't want to look in the folder labeled Hell! :) HAHAH! :)
  5. Exiled ritchies possible server!

    If your in ER from Epislon, respond here if you are interested!:):s
  6. What happens to returning troops if population is full?

    I sent a colony ship and troops to take over a colony. That colony was taken up by a new players just before my attack hit, and the troops are on their way home. What happens when My population is already refilled to the limit? What happens to all the troops coming home?