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    Enjoy the hollow victory of a dying game where you made it worse ;)

    I love how cocky al is. It’s amazing. If it was a better player, like igys, Josh, Achilles, heck even imladrist, I’d listen. But you just sit back and “lead” :)
  4. Tgiving Break

    At least you responded to it. I guess that’s worth it’s weight in a small amount.
  5. 'Issues with Tissues'

    How do you define pact Al? Are you talking about over a month ago when I proposed to you a way to make this world more interesting? Because I found those messages, and the word pact wasn’t mentioned once. Matter of fact I even used the word understanding, ensuring that you wouldn’t confuse it...
  6. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Hey, I’m just stirring up mud. Its a boring world, and the externals are probably the most fun part of it right now.
  7. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Take an active good players city, and maybe you can call it damage up by us Al. You guys target inactive and bad players, smart move sure, but when you have to hide behind hideous amount of LTS, it just makes me laugh. If you guys are so much better than us, ditch the LTS, and fight without it...
  8. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Wait. Achilles. You’re talking big and acting tough. It’s really cute.
  9. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Persephone, obviously it worked. You did comment on him after all!!! So, chalk that up as a win for him. He got you so worked up, you wanted to cuss, so, give him the credit where it’s due, instead of saying his tactic does nothing. If it did nothing, you wouldn’t have said a single thing to...
  10. 'Issues with Tissues'

    If he didn’t block everyone who tried to talk to him, we’d see that he’s got some good stuff to say... just had to make that jab really fast imladrist. I’ll continue to communicate with ya through my city name :D.
  11. Hermonassa gone?

    Seems to be sporadic, yet it let me log onto a new server just fine.
  12. Hermonassa gone?

    Did Hermonassa just go down for everyone else too? Can we get any sort of idea of what’s going on here?
  13. Daily Incantation Ranking Broke

    Zeek! I thought you were better than that.
  14. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Going off the “issues with tissues” name of this thread. I have quite the issue with the 1000+ messages from Inno....
  15. 'Issues with Tissues'

    As a former Prussia member, I will admit I was highly confused why MIP was trying to fight us, while ROO was kicking them in. It seemed like a bad call on their part, sending people to hit us. We were not really a threat, considering the absurd amount of inactives and simmers Prussia had to deal...
  16. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Yup. He’s got a crown, so it’s for sure his first time playing. Real smart comment
  17. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Once again. I didn’t say you were simming, but yes read into the comment further, that’s how conversations should happen, sure. There are still 11 months until wonders by estimation. I said 6-7 months, giving 5 months for the landscape to change. Change into the world your 4 alliances are...
  18. 'Issues with Tissues'

    I wouldn’t call it hating, and I’m not detracting anything from the accomplishments of ROO. Just pointing out a large issue. I wasn’t here when you were “irrelevant”. But I am here now. Looking at the fruits of your labor. Kudos to you guys, honestly and truly. You’ve done well. Let’s just hope...
  19. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Not assuming anything. Just making a few sly comments and watching you jump on defending them. You’re the one keeping the “argument” going. But let’s go stats. You haven’t taken a city in 4 days. Your BP gains in 10 days are 31,630. You have 19 more cities than me. You say there are still plenty...
  20. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Also. In case you weren’t aware, that last comment I made was me saying you were a simmer. You just seemed so eager to read into it saying you were mass simming, and so eager to defend how you weren’t, I figured I’d give you a reason to type that defense.