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  1. The champions League

    Okay you are looking for an alliance you can't find one you really want to be number on and you are active and you see this ad Hello Are you looking for an alliance? Then we may be Perfect for you To join you must... -be active -have a desire to be number 1 -willing to use grepolis' ingame chat...
  2. Farming Village attack does not show units

    World: #Alpha#e In Game Name: #chris0# Have check the known bugs list: #Yes# Have you cleared your cache and cookies: #Yes# Have you tried a diffrent computer/laptop/tablelet/phone: #Yes# Have you tried a diffrent connection: #No# Full Version or Mobile Version: #Full# Browser and...
  3. Angels vs demons

    Rules: Everyone picks if they want to be an angel or a demon They can change whenever they want BUT you can only post again if there have been at least 3 posts before your next post. The score starts at 100 angels count up ^ demons count down I'll start demon 98