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  1. Aeo22

    Off Topic

    A Thread to post all your off topic concerns, cuz any kind of forum activity is prohibited if its not organized an categorized :D
  2. Aeo22

    Rumor Has It

    Time To Start This Worlds Rumor Has It And Im Sure I'll Enjoy ALL THE RUMORS You Folks Will Have :rolleyes:o_O:cool: So I'll go ahead a start this off Rumor has it Pillars 3 is in the Making Rumor has it warriors may Join them Rumor has it This world is already over ;)
  3. Aeo22

    World Map

    So i got bored here is the lovely world map i made Rank 1 | Dystopia- Green Rank 2 | Dilligaf- Yellow Rank 3 | Bridge Burners- Baby Blue Rank 4 | Blood- Purple Rank 5 | Brew Crew- The pinkish red in 54/55 the rest no one special (red just some small alliances in the rim)