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  1. Rumor Has It

    I wish you would have just banned him.... ghosting him basically killed us. we can't absorb that many cities that fast.... I understand something had o be done, but this affected game play
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    I took a picture of him when I saw him. I didn't wanna fan boy too much but you can see him in the back of this pic
  4. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    No but he wasn't that far away from me last time I was playing. He didn't play the Big 50 that I know of. I think he was playing the high roller the same time I was playing. I was sitting right next to the main stage for about half of day 2. I finished in the money last year. 28k players...
  5. Rumor Has It

    they tap me on the shoulder all the time for songs lol also rumor has it I ignore them....
  6. Rumor Has It

    that's why you have to get her to play too lol.... or take long breaks between worlds
  7. Rumor Has It

    Omg EN servers back then were the wild wild west.... I played for about two weeks on one before I peaced out. You have to join an EN server with a full crew or you're done.... they're just straight blood baths.
  8. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    I got to get ready to do this again kiddos. I might be interested in another world after June. Until then, someone hit the button asap on the thirteenth.
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    It's called being smart and choosing the easy targets.... Why would I waste my troops taking one city when I can get better bps taking 6? I'm a poker player. That's what I do. I fold when the odds aren't in my favor, save my chips, and I move on to the next hand. In poker, we call that...
  10. Rumor Has It

    My third world also happened to be the first hero world. before that no Artemis either. I was mad when they added purification.
  11. Rumor Has It

    LOL I don't even like alarms. My third world, my alarms rang so much at 2-3am in the morning that I still jump when I hear them. It quite literally makes me angry.
  12. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    You guys have lost 5 or 6 cities to me in one month, hmmmm... probably the same to mega... another 4 each to scotsman, arrjay, and gum, so five guys have taken close to 30 of pillars cities.... I'd have more, but I have to build enough lightships to take on 120 guys... takes time.
  13. Rumor Has It

    Yup, you haven't lived until you've sniped 2 weeks worth of CS attempts. I actually like night bonus, but I do get mad about letting people stack during NB. Night alarms are why I had to stop before. I quite literally didn't sleep for days at a time in the old days. Almost cost me a job.... I...
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    LOL ok that's a good zing. Also, we're swimming better than pillars. I think everyone outside pillars will agree with me on that. We fought hard. Favorite reason on the Megalist: #2... I really was starting to get used to the idea of battling back. I guess it works out ok though. I need to...
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    After the past few days I've reconsidered. Wrath isn't a float. We're a swim.
  16. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    I still think Wrath is a float or swim. There were a lot of 10 city guys who got hit by 5 players with 30 cities or more and just quit. Some got recruited to pillars. We knew this wouldn't be easy. The fact that it's still 49-28 should say something. Wrath is a float. If we had just stayed...
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    Shrug, You're good. You do you homie.
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    Probably another footnote.
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    I'm so jealous. Conquest is way better than revolt...