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  1. Starpower-Sky

    Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it Pillars are high maintenance and will fall soon as they run out of gold.
  2. Starpower-Sky

    Too early Too soon

    Don't forget, it is the 17th in some parts of the world. They can't help it if the 17th for them comes before the 17th in the US.
  3. Starpower-Sky

    Rumor Mill

    Also, I could have swore I just read that G.J. Ceaser stated he was making his last post 51 mins ago. But then makes another post 3 mins after he stated that.
  4. Starpower-Sky

    Last User to Post here Wins

    At least Scipio got it before I will. I'll hopefully have it by the year 2120.
  5. Starpower-Sky

    Last User to Post here Wins

    Who wins these things anyway?
  6. Starpower-Sky

    Ialysos Newspaper #2

    Love the Tavern Rumors. But missing the beer. I will work on that.