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  1. Trash Talk

    Are we really not going to talk about the thing
  2. Top 12 Potatoes

    And be nice about me :mad:
  3. Top 12 Potatoes

    @Mythhy make top 12
  4. Top 12 Potatoes

    Someone do an actual top 12
  5. Aegean Battleships Discussion Thread

    Rolling out an event before the attack bonus from the last one is even over. Classic
  6. Trash Talk

    DLC = downloadable content? That’s why I always build my walls to 25 with a tower. Not like that noob lol
  7. Top 12 Potatoes

    When the BP ranks match the point ranks
  8. Top 12 Potatoes

    They're usually pretty fun, the forums kind of suck
  9. Top 12 Potatoes

    Is there a world chat on discord for this server?
  10. Milestones of Helorus

    Elite Death Squad. Just disbanded DESTRO too
  11. Milestones of Helorus

    dude where are the sabotage milestones, I just performed a major sabotage. Going for my second
  12. Is this world going to make it?

    Farsala V2, except smaller and less talent
  13. Direction?

    dead center with 1-2 morons just like me
  14. Helorus Pre-World Discussion

    This will get a better turnout, at least two EN alliances are coming over because they don't want to play against Eviction Notice
  15. Somebody say something offensive about somebody else

    In all seriousness this is the slowest world ever. So few players, still over a year from ww's. For speed 4 its a ridiculously low turnout of players
  16. Farsala gossip

    Whoops forgot to sign -xpertomarticusso
  17. Farsala gossip

    I think getting 11 alliances to attack kind of does prove we're better than you. And I don't think calling anybody better than you is cocky because you are god awful. I don't mean your alliance. I mean you, as a player. You suck
  18. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    Unsullied folded and you're upset that we offered some of them a spot with us? We had been working together the whole game and they are all pretty good friends of ours. Also we'd obviously rather see them come with us than go to MH or DoR. Now the rest of you diehards are sucking up to DoR so...
  19. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    By popular demand... #1 Look Mom--We Made it and whatever our sister is called rn. My alliance so I'm obviously ever so slightly biased. We're awful, MH is owning us, we are all ghosting tomorrow at noon. SINK #2 DoR and co. Whether I like it or not they have 55 on lock. Seem to be...
  20. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    How dare you label us to only two names. One of which Truth will be very upset about