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  1. Infa Red

    Proposal - Sigma The Closest Race ever !!

    Ok, all said and done, we are at WW era on this one and 3 of the alliances all have 2 WW's to level 9 !! There is a veteran in the world, he has been in 11 (yes eleven) WW eras and races to the end. He said this is by far the closest race ever. I propose some mods look into it please and if...
  2. Infa Red

    Congratulations !

    I wanted to say, from my first complaints almost a year ago... this Wiki has gotten SOOOOOO much better ! Just wanted to say great job ! And hopefully others notice as well.
  3. Infa Red

    New Bug for Mobile App, MASSIVE CONSEQUENCES

    Attack alerts no longer working ! Re-set all settings. Still nothing, in no world. Worked fine all this time - didn't change a thing, now it no longer works. Ever since the latest update. So something on Inno side for sure. This is for iPhone mobile app. I can not test other phones, but...
  4. Infa Red

    Vacation Mode Needs ReVamp

    Got a major issue here and I want to know why it works this way. To my understanding, once you click the VM, 48hrs later it actually kicks in. During those 48hrs, you can still be attacked, but you can not attack anyone. Any CS launched to you BEFORE you pressed the button is still active and...
  5. Infa Red

    Cancel button disappeared permanently

    Please can a Mod help ASAP or at least chime in to say this will be addressed ASAP. The little cancel "x"'s next to your troop movements from a city (in the little drop down screen) are no longer there. Its kinda glitchy, sometimes there, most times not. AND if I actually click on the movement...
  6. Infa Red

    / FEEDBACK / Less of a Bug and more of a Reoccurring Issue

    The server lag is getting ridiculous. Especially on Sundays. My internet is snappy, all other sites work well. Its these servers only. Completely tested, inside and out. Can't stand to stare at spinning hourglasses while I've casted Forced Loyalty and am farming over 2 worlds and 18 cities...
  7. Infa Red


    Can I get a solid, for sure answer on exactly what is the offset of the Anti Timer ? I have read in one place it is +/- 10sec and another place says +/- 30sec. So which is it for real ? Also, is it different for different worlds ? Servers ? Versions ? etc.. And if so, what is it for each...
  8. Infa Red

    New City Question

    In a CONQUEST world. Had a member with only one city. His was under major attack, and knew one of the attacks was a CS, we could not help him... But he had a CS ready. Didn't research conquest though, but was ok with "Founding A New City". (to my understanding, you can "Found A New City" on a...
  9. Infa Red

    City Takeover, Now Ghost Town

    I am 6-8hrs into a City Takeover. Holding siege just fine. Last night after I accomplished the CS siege and all support, etc.. on a 2300 point city owned by a "said" person, I go to sleep. (btw this is the ONLY city owned by "said" person and there was a decent amount of troops there. Not much...
  10. Infa Red

    Little Islands, No Farming Villages ?

    Was wondering about them little islands with no one on them, BUT they do have anchor points around them and the little icon saying which resources are rich there, etc.. BUT I see no farming villages on them. Is the island too small and will never have farming villages ? Or if I go and "found a...
  11. Infa Red

    How Would Troops React Under The Following Scenarios ?

    Now that I understand the game a lot more and how each troop's stats is and works - I have some slightly more in depth questions about what would be best (scenario 1), and how they react if (scenarios 2 and 3). 1 - Besides actual “Full Dodging” (with everything you got to completely “dodge a...
  12. Infa Red

    Are Battle Points Awarded If No Troop Makes It Back ?

    Just sent a decent sized attack to a pact member thats city was under siege... All my boats and troops got wiped out except for 2 transport boats in which are returning now. lol BUT I had my "double battle points spell" cast just for this, thinking, at worse at least I will get huge battle...
  13. Infa Red

    Demolish The Senate

    So after my city is expanded to exactly where I want it to be (for various reasons), and I already got all the things I needed the Senate at 24 for... Then I have been hearing some people Demo their Senate back down to gain extra Pop. I am thinking about doing this, BUT before I do, I wanted to...
  14. Infa Red

    Give Gold To Other Players

    Is this possible ? And I mean via inside the Game, not give them money to then buy gold. Hoping we can transfer Gold to each other, but can seem to find the mechanics to do it on the GUI.
  15. Infa Red

    Gavaekohy sound bug

    Don't know if others are experiencing this, and its not that big of a deal, but figured it was best to report. One of my 8 farming villages "Gavaekohy" has lost all sound response. As in, when I demand or loot from it I no longer hear the little sound effect thing happen. I thought it may...
  16. Infa Red

    Loot 10,000 Resources From Other Cities

    So, how exactly do I go about this ? I so far have only attacked farming villages, never any other city. Currently I can not leave my island (I don't think), or I never have yet. That said, this is almost a 2 part question, because I was also wondering about all these cities on my island with...
  17. Infa Red

    Search Not So Good

    IMO the search seems to just not be that good. Or not as "Smart" as say google or other games' wikis (like Oblivion or Skyrim's). Now I know its still very young, and tiny compared to them others, but my point is, is that if nothing is mentioned, then how will it get better. I love this game and...
  18. Infa Red

    Subscriptions To Threads

    I'm not getting my subscriptions to threads via email. I have all settings properly set, and double verified it as well. Waited over a few times to see if it would catch up. Nope. I don't use junk mail folders and I receive all email just for this reason. So its not going to junk. I am...
  19. Infa Red

    Newbie Help/Questions

    Hi to all, this is my first post, and also I am very new to the game. I have some questions and just hope I am posting in the correct place. If not, please advise best place for questions that are world specific (I guess). To keep things streamlined, I will just ask one question per thread. I...