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  1. nself


    obviously i joined late, and i'm not entirely certain i'll stick around, but i'm looking to join any group in the area that has some active players. i've been playing grepo for a while, as most of the people on this forum can tell you, and i'm willing to share some knowledge in exchange for some...
  2. nself


    anyone else have the thing where inno wants you to rate the heroes system stay on the screen even after you fill it out? my OCD is killing me right now.
  3. nself


    seems like fun to bring back an old name for a new game type, hopefully beast won't mind me using it. i'm new to creating an alliance, but i've functioned as a leader, diplomat, war planner, recruiter, etc. in numerous alliances and thought i would finally try out starting one of my own. i...
  4. nself


    we all know about the war going on between SFB and... pretty much everyone else. are there any other wars out there or is that the only thing happening?