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  1. Bucks The Best

    i am disappointed in myself for the fact that I gave this thread the 3 clicks that I did. This has to be the least humorous and least intelligent thread I've ever read. What is happening to humanity? This is a disaster
  2. Little Advice

    sorry for the late response, mathematically, those investments cut down on build times across the board. each level the senate goes up, the construction time of buildings decreases. so hypothetically, the fastest way to build a city (without considering resource cost) is to level the academy to...
  3. Little Advice

    the fastest way to build is to level the academy to 13, research the two crane and architecture and then level the senate to 24 (which you will need for thermal baths anyways).
  4. TOP 12 (Name Reviews)

    Here we are, 6 hours into the world, and I have nothing to do. Therefore, I will review the alliance names in our server. 1 - Melting Snowflakes Where to start. Possibly the least intimidating, least humorous, least tactical, and least creative name on the list. Frankly I'm embarrassed...
  5. PapaDil7

    that's me at the top!!!!!!!!!!1 yay
  6. Odd/Funny Battle Reports

    oh yes because we all get amazing luck
  7. immortal elites is TERRIBLE LOL

    LOOOOOL purify, wisdom, SS, purify, SS, purify, zeus, purify, desire for a 1 LS CS LOLOLOLOLOL he didnt even know that a cs cant land if the escort is destroyed. buncha rim noobs
  8. Pandora's Box 2018 Feedback Thread

    Has anyone gotten a good reward past box 40? I got demoralizing plague and 150 favor Teammate for demoralizing plague. Anyone else? Big myth tokens?
  9. Pandora Box Glitches

    Does anyone notice extreme fluctuation in free units? I am currently in second place and I get less free units than everyone in my alliance (like in the 3000 range). It is ridiculous.
  10. Pandora Box Glitches

    I am on box 29 and CONSISTENTLY get the worst free units out of my alliance for pandora box. someone please explain can ANYONE explain why someone on box 27 is getting and someone on box 29 is getting this
  11. Pandora's Box 2018 Feedback Thread

    can ANYONE explain why someone on box 27 is getting and someone on box 29 is getting this
  12. Odd/Funny Battle Reports

    really hoping nature hunt doesnt expose my unescorted sling nuke that sunk yesterday
  13. How to Pronounce Katane

    you must be a BLAST at parties
  14. looking for some people from previous worlds

    1) Sunvaar - what's your IGN, stop hiding out here. Be a man. 2) The old days are not that good. Really. They aren't. I was 12 years and don't recall every losing a city. I had multiple attackers of day in 2013 (14 years old). So I don't like you overhyping "the old days" 3) You seem to be...
  15. Pretty Please....

    radio silence
  16. The Coalition Has Begun...?

    legend has it that tbom demolishes buildings only to rebuild them when he maxes a city
  17. Top 12

    confused why LDC posted me as a farm. i've lost 1 LS which was in the que and about 300 favor to random attacks.... really doesn't make any sense

    1) GOLDEN GUNS - SWIM Competent group, tight core. Pre-Made. Will be getting an easy crown here.
  19. Top 12

    vinny you play like a cheese puff
  20. Trash Talk

    you'd think they would learn they can't take a city by now.... the first... and the last