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  1. Jack9r9


    Milestones Individual Milestones City Count: 2 Towns: Vexing Devil 5 Towns: Vexing Devil 10 Towns: zDrunkMonkey 25 Towns: Picachu 50 Towns: 100 Towns: 250 Towns: Points: 5,000 Points: Vexing Devil 10,000 Points: Vexing Devil 25,000 Points: Vexing Devil 50,000 Points: Picachu 100k Points...
  2. Jack9r9

    More Best and Worst of Delphi

    I know check-mate already made one of these but I'd like to add to it as these forums are really slow and there aren't many people posting here. Also, we are further in the world now so people may have different opinions. Best Player: Best Alliance: Best Fighter: Best Defender: Best...
  3. Jack9r9

    Top 12 Alliances

    Hey since BP ended decided to make a top 12. I will make one tomorrow, and I'd love to see what others' opinions r. Can a mod plz sticky this.
  4. Jack9r9


    Come on people, theres like no one in SE. There is a ton of people in North East with that huge MRA SS ATAK FAMILY and some other alliances. Someone go to SE and make a good alliance, or else I might just not join an alliance (that might b fun :)