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  1. The Wicked Few

    Whats your point quoting me your still wrong lol the post was edited after initial post so your point isn't valid. Are you upset your a troll and get corrected by everyone often...
  2. Bush League World

    You are incorrect here we weren't always in the top 5, unlike most of the alliance here TWF wasn't really a premade, I joined this world by myself and built my team up from scratch eventually getting to where we stand today. At the time that we pact I don't believe we were as high as some have...
  3. Milestones of Lindos

    TWF first to 250K ABP
  4. Wars Or Skirmishes

    If you read what I said I never said anything about his grammar I talked about how what he says makes no sense, like when you read what he types I don't understand most of what he is saying, and I feel like if you are going to argue with someone (for no reason) at least make sense when you do...
  5. Wars Or Skirmishes

    still don't understand maybe try German
  6. Wars Or Skirmishes

    And PS stop trying to make bush league a thing just because a group of old men with no lives keep saying doesn't mean its gonna become a thing its 2016, and try something other then calling me 10 that's been done before first time people want to say on grep when feeling are hurt .
  7. Wars Or Skirmishes

    In comes the other butt hurt ex TFW member has The Hounds of Hell treating you guys.....anytime someone comes for me personally I will always return fire, but its cute you come to bae's recuse its funny though thought grown men could fight there on battles when they start something guess not...
  8. Wars Or Skirmishes

    Bush league guy is Antonio Pigafetta for those who don't know kicked and disgraced member of TWF at least Al had the balls to call us pathetic to our face not behind some fake name.....I like that you troll tho it shows your character!
  9. Wars Or Skirmishes

    Nothing better to do he is pretty lonely, just an old man who sit on computer all day and plays grep only time he get "human interaction" no get my point
  10. Wars Or Skirmishes

    Its funny because if memory serves correct I have seen Mori in a few coalitions in different worlds, don't be hurt that LD is the best pact you could come up with. People act like this isnt the point of grep build the best team kill everyone that simple complain about gold (i dont...
  11. Wars Or Skirmishes

    This is coming from a butt hurt member who was kicked so this is actually funny, just because you hide behind a new name doesnt mean everyone doesn't know who you are Pig grow a pair and use real name. With that being said TWF isn't named after there founder and it shows what you know which...
  12. Wars Or Skirmishes

    At one point it was Myr before MRA Killers aka Kill made them fold, the other two I am not sure of just no there are 6 as the leader of AOD said. I guess technically it could be FC and TM, but think its others we have yet to encounter. In all fairness to MW we haven't taken a city from them (we...
  13. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Fight Club:Swim Then Sink FC is a really good group with a lot of heavy hitters in there alliance not to mention the some of them won Marathon....But a they have a huge battle in o54 to win, so that's were my doubts begin. Another issue FC has, is that they pact mates aren't very helpful to them...
  14. Milestones of Lindos

    TWF first to 50k DBP
  15. Wars Or Skirmishes

    TWF Vs. LD, AOD, MW, TRR, etc... (Apparently they refer to themselves The Mighty 6 or so I have been told) Score A lot?-0 in favor of TWF. PS don't know the actually number but its around 10-15 cities TWF have taken
  16. Milestones of Lindos

    TFW first to 100k ABP
  17. Milestones of Lindos

    The Wicked Few First to 25k DBP and 100k total BP
  18. Wars Or Skirmishes

    Thats whats up Al, kick some Militia arse!!
  19. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    They have taken in a bunch of failed alliances failed members first WCTP then MYR, the are a MRA in the making. Sad thing is they had a good thing going before they started mass inviting.
  20. Wars Or Skirmishes

    seems as if people get butthurt quick here... I hear that Fight Club and Fluff are warring idk if theres any truth there