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  1. H3LL-Hunter

    Important Question!!

    I need input guys-- in all your opinions, if you had to guess, who do you all think is the most attractive player in this world??? I'm looking at you Dannyboy ;)
  2. H3LL-Hunter

    Guess Whose Back!
  3. H3LL-Hunter

    War Predictions

    So, for all of you bystanders, lets come up with a situation. SS and the Titans go to war. What do you guys think will happen? Anyone can say something actually. Give us the details, who wins, the length of the war, amount of cities taken, etc.
  4. H3LL-Hunter

    Savage Subjugation

    Savage Subjugation- UPDATED ROSTER It's a case you don't know then check here... Savage Subjugation We'd be willing to let you in, if you're interested just say so beneath here. Chances are we're gonna grab some of the best of the best from Psi so we expect you to be a top tier...
  5. H3LL-Hunter

    War Stats

    I'm gonna keep track of all the ongoing wars I have knowledge about, just so people can look in and stuff. I also decided that I'm too lazy to focus on other alliances so I'm just doing wars for Savage Subjugation. Savage Subjugation vs. Alliance of Kings SS is winning 13-1 (Counting Stoogey)...
  6. H3LL-Hunter

    Possible World War

    Hello my fellow players of Psi, Today I am here to talk to you about some stuff that has been being stirred up recently. We have been recently informed that there is a possible coalition being formed against Savage Subjugation, so I am going to guess that if there is a coalition formed then the...
  7. H3LL-Hunter

    Brotherhood of War

    Does anyone else seem to think these guys are in one of the biggest MRA circles ever created? The leader asked my alliance to merge with them and they have just taken in their 5th alliance..... check the O44 rankings. That alliance strictly joined them because they needed "protection" from our...
  8. H3LL-Hunter

    Message from Savage Subjugation to Alliance of Kings

    Hello Members of Alliance of Kings "famiy" in Ocean 44! On behalf of Savage Subjugation, we would like to welcome you to our ocean! We hope you make the most out of your short stay here in Ocean 44. You may not know what you are dealing with, but you may be in one of the worst alliances...
  9. H3LL-Hunter


    Hey guys, I have a question for those alliances out there such as The Black Company, Alliance of Kings, and The Brotherhood. Have you guys already pacted and decided to form a coalition of a sort to fight the rest of the world, or maybe a couple alliances? If so, that would really spice things up :D
  10. H3LL-Hunter

    War Predictions

    Post your predictions below- Which alliances will fight which when BP ends?
  11. H3LL-Hunter

    Merge Button

    The New Merge Button is being implemented into the game on the .en server on Wednesday. Will it be implemented here as well? I apologize, I am asking because I have not yet seen any posts or messages about it.
  12. H3LL-Hunter

    Savage Subjugation

    And here is our CoA: (Click to enlarge) World Settings: Speed 1-2 20-200 Alliance Cap Preferably conquest, revolt if we have to NO MORALE (but will be fine if there is morale) Recruitment Policies: We will be taking no more than 20 people into the world with us, and that is including...
  13. H3LL-Hunter

    Wow what a world

    Is it just me or does really every alliance in this world give me a direct reason to attack them? To the point where I actually WANT to attack them over the more noobish alliances. thisisgrepolis