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  1. Beast

    Beast's guide to how to be stay alive for survive

    There are much way to have great in Grepoolis, but all has inferior with mine. First step to be is great, is to be great. lloolaoohlahoalolaolhoahloal but you knew that alraddy. Second step is divine envoy. Mass product them. Endless powerful because of this. If not suitable...
  2. Beast

    How This World Will Pan Out

  3. Beast

    The Sloths | Rim Premade | Next World

    The Sloths Information When: Thursday or Friday, depending. Where: Who knows!?!?@!#$!@%$^ What: We will be an alliance that is there to have fun, relax, and play Grepolis. No serious players allowed. You must be chill, like the sloth. Why: Why not? Who: Me. You? Sure. How To Join Step 1...
  4. Beast

    Ally, War, Disband, Merge, Start a Coalition Against, Make Love To

    You know how it works. I added a little twist to stir things up a little bit >:} Ally: War: Disband: Merge: Start a Coalition Against: Make Love To:
  5. Beast


    Immortals and New World Order got disbanded. PP claims no responsibility.
  6. Beast

    I am unstoppable

    Proof that I'm the best attacker in this world:
  7. Beast

    Naxos Milestones

    I'll make this look pretty when I have the time. Naxos Milestones Individual Polis Count (first to gain): 2 Towns: TheApexPredator 5 Towns: mflip234 10 Towns: 25 Towns: 50 Towns: 100 Towns: 250 Towns: First Player to (x) Points: 1,000 Points: mat640 3,000 Points: Herodotus the...
  8. Beast

    Make fun of the person above you

    It's always good to get some drama flowing before the world opens. Nobody likes a dramaless world. INSULT ME!
  9. Beast


    Post a random prediction and we'll see who is the most psychic. Stack your first prediction with 2 other predictions related to the first prediction. We'll see who made the best prediction after the world has been going for a while. My Prediction: 1. I predict that there will be an alliance...
  10. Beast

    World Skype Chat

    Anybody want to host one? I could, but I'd rather not xD
  11. Beast

    Naxos Top 10 Alliances

    Am I too early?
  12. Beast

    Peaceful Pioneers

    Yes, we will be very peaceful. About Me As A Leader: I have failed making premades many times before in the past. However, I learn from each failure, and I am now at my best. Almost every time, the alliance fails when I go inactive, not before. So, my main problem is my activity. That is why...
  13. Beast

    Not working?

    I see that the world is open, but when I try to log in to it, it just says "no session" and keeps me back at the main site. Is anyone else having this problem?
  14. Beast

    Issue 1 | The Weekly AweShockian (NOT Biased)

    Well, here we go! Prepare yourself for issue #1. This one will be smaller than most, due to not having much time to prepare this. But, it's still good and non-biased! ______________________________________________ WOLVERINES… The Best Alliance Ever By Nights Warrior/Chartis Example #1 of...
  15. Beast

    Issue 0 | The Weekly AweShockian (NOT Biased)

    What the heck is this? The Weekly AweShockian will be a NONbiased newspaper, brought to you by the AweShock council (and ApatheticKing). We will post an issue EVERY Friday, and sometimes we'll even have bonus issues on Wednesdays. Issue 1 will be out THIS FRIDAY, so be prepared for the best...
  16. Beast

    Iota Milestones

    Iota Milestones Polis Count 2 Towns: CityCowboy 5 Towns: 10 Towns: 25 Towns: 50 Towns: 100 Towns: 250 Towns: Points 1,000 Points: Gladen 10,000 Points: Crimson0311 25,000 Points: 50,000 Points: 100k Points: 250k Points: 500k Points: 1 Million Points: 2 Million Points: Attack...
  17. Beast


    I come from the en. servers where I have 3 years of experience. I played on Alpha and countless other worlds there. I won't say what my name is on there, but some of you probably can figure it out xD. I made an alliance called AweShock on the en servers, but it never really got started. So...
  18. Beast

    Rabid Rabbits (Ocean 55)

    Some people know me as -Spyder-. I'm from the EN servers, and I came here to just play and have some fun. Alliance CoA (Made by me) So, I started an alliance in Ocean 55.. It was made 2-3 days after the server was released, so we are a bit behind in points at the moment. We've got a...
  19. Beast

    Super Tough Diapers

    I'm pretty sure that our profile might violate a few rules, but what the heck? I'm not going to go on and on, because I don't feel like it. So, if you are a tough little diaper, message me ingame. NOTE: We are not a serious alliance at all. So, I suggest you don't join us if you are...