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  1. Grepo Mauler

    Top 12

    Post em up. Don't be a noob... post maps, BP and position in world.
  2. Grepo Mauler

    I see the draft didn't work

    I'm guessing the 8 year olds messed it up? Sister alliances, no one sided teams (Admins are in the biggest alliance with sister alliances), Also "Admins" where supposed to step down if they were playing world so things would not be one sided and rules that they "Pretend to protect and hold up"...
  3. Grepo Mauler

    Time For Challenge?! :)

  4. Grepo Mauler

    Maul is back?

    Leave now....
  5. Grepo Mauler

    Anyone Notice...

    That @Mole Man 420 @pandamus prime and so many more that said "I'm here till the end." Aren't here anymore... :eek::p
  6. Grepo Mauler

    Something New.... Why are Your Friends Better?

    Wanted To start something new.... Post why your alliance is better than the rest here!!! Make sure to post points, stats etc whatever you have....
  7. Grepo Mauler

    Top 12

    (comes in 3-5 days when the rest of the Pre-mades (that matter) join. Sorry KOD... You are not among them.
  8. Grepo Mauler

    You know How I know Your YG Scared

    When Young Guns has more support in their cities near Maul than in their own sieges. And all those resources sitting around like Sims. SMH
  9. Grepo Mauler

    Theres a storm brewing Katane. And You best be ready when she comes.

    YG falling to MTB like a plague. Im sure Shawn and SimBom pissed
  10. Grepo Mauler

    The Coalition Has Begun...?

    So it appears with the fall of LEX EVERYONE is flocking to the MRA that is Pigs. With this, word on the street is their NAP is off/was broken as of today. This puts literally EVERYONE in the world against Young Guns. So... What will happen next? How will Young Guns react? What will Pigs do? How...
  11. Grepo Mauler

    Trash Talk

    post it here. Hopefully will leave other threads clean of stupid noob talk.
  12. Grepo Mauler

    This will be a long world

    Will have like 2 people playing in it LMAO
  13. Grepo Mauler


    As Ank and his team takes Players banned on bogus Bans... And claims he defeated us (shows he sucks). He has now killed his only chance for a fun and competitive game. Note this in the Grepo history books. My team fail from bad mods and un-respectful players like Ank. I will be leaving this...
  14. Grepo Mauler

    Night Bonus

    Someone should message Ank and tell him and his sims (that we clear EVERY single day) that its active here... Good golder... Not so much a good leader :/ At this point want to join him and teach him this game. Seems hes new.... #MaulHere
  15. Grepo Mauler

    'Issues with Tissues'

    Post Em
  16. Grepo Mauler

    Top 12

    .... @Ev1lK1ng please post here. So we can get this world's forums looking right lol. Also good post from other thread.