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  1. Blue.Dragon

    Spartan Assassins

    What time will this start on the world because today is the 20th
  2. Blue.Dragon

    US41 Rhethymnhos milestones

    2nd Gen Milestones: World Rhethymnhos <Disclaimer: Grepolis came out with Gen. 2 worlds. Time for Gen. 2 Milestones!> World Rhethymnhos Settings: Speed 3, Unit Speed 3, Conquest, Morale, BP for Four (4) days & Alliance Cap of 88 __________________________________________________...
  3. Blue.Dragon


    My experience and About me First world was en1 I have played under different names but i want to start from fresh I have been a Leader in many successful alliances I have founded a strong alliance before I know what to do and what not to do when leading alliance I normally play worlds till...