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  1. Blue Blood - North-Est

    Thank you.
  2. Blue Blood - North-Est

    Our first goal is to make the Strongest Core of Cities form this server. Just one alliance (the main), no academy . Pacts after the end of BP. Recruitments after the first day: -send a PM to: The Duke (to me) -if you have experience, you can say this in PM (PM=Private Message) -must be...
  3. Lambda Milestones

    Devils and Angels. - 5k DBP
  4. Lambda Milestones

    Devils and Angels. - 10k BP :)
  5. Top 15

    60% is for number , 20% is experienced and the last 20% are the warriors loyals and experienced ... they can kill anyone.
  6. Lambda Milestones

    Devils and Angels. - 5k bp :)
  7. Top 15

    lool we aren't a MRA anymore !!! lol why? !!! That's because the players will leave us ... and will remain only loyal and experienced players !!! WHY? Oh my good ! ... I really want to be a MRA ... but I can't beacuse the players who had leaved us are noob and they went to nWo. ( The biggest...
  8. Lambda Milestones

    Devils and Angels. - 1k DBP
  9. Lambda Milestones

    The alliance must have min 15 members :D
  10. Lambda Milestones

    Devils and Angels. - 1k average points & 1k ABP
  11. Lambda Milestones

    Devils and Angels. - 60 towns & 60k points :D
  12. Top 15

    I think D&A will try to keep only the active and experienced players ... and kick out the rest :D ... I never make the same mistake as the Oropos world(EN) ... hey king how are you ?:P
  13. Devils and Angels.

    We are simply the best ! For invitation send a message to 404NotFound Don't be cool like a stone, Be cool like us. The Devils and Angels are here ... You can see them? Devil or Angel you choose what you want to be !
  14. Free Or Not. - Alliance !

    I'm not a leader but I'm in RF ... And isn't a MRA ... I don't play in myonia anymore.
  15. Free Or Not. - Alliance !

    Thank you.
  16. Free Or Not. - Alliance !

    Free Or Not. want active players on O45 or O44 ... if you want to join contact 404NotFound ... Don't ask for leader/founder rights ... I'll give you if you will be a good soldier ..
  17. MIR - Alliance

    Yea ... It's another way to say ... In en60 I want to make a alliance with only active players ... but I don't know who is active or not... And that's my plan ... To kick out players who don't make anything ... you can see ... to 250 players now I have 118 (on en60 ) :D
  18. MIR - Alliance

    Hello my friends ... If you are in O45 and you're not too far to us ... you can apply to MIR ... This isn't a MRA .... You must be over 700 points and be active on forum. Contact me in game for any questions. :)