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  1. DeltaForce

    DeltaForce is one of the strongest alliances in the game, ranked 7th in the world, with a relatively high average, and is ranked second in Ocean 54 by a meager 700 points. For diplomatic matters, send a well-written in-game message to Etherial Dawn. No blind pacts will be accepted. For...
  2. Top 12

    Might as well start now.
  3. Ocean 34 Discussions

    Hi, I'm theconqueror273, Delphi (EN) veteran, and founder of the Army of Olympus, 7th in Ocean 34. I decided to create this thread to discuss with other players in other alliances in this ocean, so that we can share information, communicate, and see who the best, smartest, and most active...
  4. Army of Olympus

    The Olympians are the gods that created this world. They created people. Members of this alliance are heroes, defending our gods. Our flag is the Omega because if you defy us, it's the last thing that you'll see. The Army of Olympus is led by Theconqueror273. Send me a well-written message...
  5. Veni Vidi Vici

    The alliance Veni Vidi Vici has come to Iota, to be led by Stoud and I. Let Stoud or I know for invites or diplomacy. We are based in the extreme core of the world.
  6. Divine Envoy

    I left Grepolis when October began and rejoined a few weeks ago. Does anyone know when/why divine envoys were made?
  7. Veni Vidi Vici

    Veni Vidi Vici is an alliance based in Ocean 45, led by me, TheConqueror273, and Stoud. Send TheConqueror273 a message for diplomacy or recruitment, but only if you are in Ocean 45 for recruitment. Experience is a plus, but not necessary.