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  1. Jack9r9

    Rate the player above you

    dethmatic: Points: 7/10 - 192 in the world ABP: 6/10 - 241 DBP: 3/10 - 513 Position: 10/10 Alliance: 9/10 Total: 35/50
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    Nice... Thanks for the info
  3. Jack9r9

    Rate the Player above you

    DelRey: Points: 8/10 - 30 in the world FBP: 9/10 - Very good, 10 in the world ABP: 9/10 - Again, 10 in the world DBP: 8/10 - 13 in the world Alliance: 10/10 Position: 8/10 Total: 42/50
  4. Jack9r9

    Rate the Player above you

    So true. BP is more important than points.
  5. Jack9r9

    Requested thread- trash talk central

    lol. Thats still very good though...
  6. Jack9r9

    Rate the player above you

    a 'decent' alliance (EOT) only gets 6/10?
  7. Jack9r9

    Rate the Player above you

    majormoody93 Points: 8/10 ABP: 8/10 DBP: 6/10 Alliance: 8/10 Position: 8/10 Total: 38/50
  8. Jack9r9

    Top 12 Alliances

    although it is early, maybe i'll do one... is anyone else gonna?
  9. Jack9r9

    Rate the player above you

    Here is the one i like and the one we do in Delph (this is for DCNRcher again)i: Points: 1/10 ABP: 1/10 DBP: 1/10 Position: 2/10 Alliance: 3/10 Total: 8/50
  10. Jack9r9

    Disband,Farmed,World Wonders

    Disband:Paladin Farmed:*Shadow* WW: Eye of the Tiger
  11. Jack9r9

    Rate the player above you

    ABP-1/10 DBP-2/10 Player exp-1/10 City location-1/10 Alliance-3/10 overall = 8/50
  12. Jack9r9

    Vendetta Merges

    Yep, and now Redwoods is mostly in Eye of the Tiger.
  13. Jack9r9

    Savage Subjugation

    yep. PoW forever ;)
  14. Jack9r9


    now that im in PoW... i'd say SeaAngler or WachaxieTX
  15. Jack9r9


    alright, i put him down...
  16. Jack9r9

    Rate the Player above you

    Actually I wasn't next but since u hate me so much. Points - 0/10 - nice average points per city (less than 4k). And nice job founding cities. ABP - 0/10 DBP - 0/10 Alliance - 10/10 Position -10/10 Total - (personal) - 0/50
  17. Jack9r9

    History of Delphi... as it unfolds

    I hate to say it, but hes got a point...
  18. Jack9r9


    Updated. Anyone know who got 125k ABP first??
  19. Jack9r9


    Thank you check-mate, and btw we didn't lose Titans, most people just join PoW and BV. For the Necromongers some big members joined BV... And you got the #1 spot because you are a huge MRA, you have 85 members. The #'s show we are winning, and you can't argue with that..
  20. Jack9r9


    congrats :) welcome 2 the forums