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  1. Well that didn't take long.....

    Third ranked Alliance: Bring the Juice Fifth Ranked Alliance: Bring the Juice 2
  2. Baris Pre-World Discussion Thread

    I was like 89 or something. Closest I've ever been to the front. I was a top 50 player for a while too 8)
  3. A New Breeze, A New Feeling

    Those MRA's filled quick
  4. whats wrong with this picture

    It's not open yet. When it opens, it'll be there.
  5. Direction

    Obviously to the Northwest
  6. 13:00 still closed

    It'll open when the mods are done testing it :D
  7. Baris Pre-World Discussion Thread

    This is possibly the best description I've ever heard of them making sure a world is ready for the players.
  8. Baris Pre-World Discussion Thread

    I'm gonna guess 23:59 lol :P
  9. Sink or Swim

    All the cool kids are.
  10. Top 12 Alliances

    So...who is AD?
  11. D&D: Spying

    I always like premades with the "we will accept no pacts" mentality. Because then its just watching to see when their first paxt comes, rather than if.
  12. Riddle - World Settings

    If I was any good at those things, I'd have tried instead of waiting. And there were people who didn't want really fast settings? I'm excited at the prospect of hitting WW before Christmas, lol.
  13. Announcement Actium Pre-World Discussion Thread!

    That's mostly right for instant buy. It'll start somewhere, (65, 135, different numbers depending on how long is left), and if you pay that, it'll instantly finish what you're doing. Also interesting to note, if it has less than 5 minutes left in build time, it's free to auto-construct. That...
  14. Announcement Actium Pre-World Discussion Thread!

    Settings are in the announcement, pretty stoked for this.
  15. count to 50 before a mod posts

    2.... Let's get rolling
  16. count to 50 before a mod posts

    So...2 then?
  17. US Servers

    Alright, relax, start breathing. Crim didn't say that they were talking about closing the U.S. servers. He actually assured us of quite the opposite. As much as I'd enjoy seeing a new world, it looks like it has to wait. Until then, just enjoy one of the many we have open. That's all you really...
  18. Rate the Player Above

    Player: Maionna Points: 10/10 ABP: 10/10 Total BP: 9/10 Alliance: 10/10, awesome alliance to play against, been a blast. Overall: 39/40, hell of a player, keep up the awesome work
  19. The Empire

    Anyone else notice The Empire in the Wonders era? He's a one man alliance who built the level one Pyramids by himself. Kudos to this guy, eh?
  20. So its about two weeks into the first gold trading world...

    Well, since I've decided go into Zakros as more of a trader than a fighter, and I'm running through the world peacefully, we're doing well with gold trading :)