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  1. Turtle Time

    Smilodon Fatalis are you in that world if so lets team up. but do you even remember ma, if so i am in the world already. but under a new nick..
  2. Apollonia Pre-World Discussion

    hey fig are you still playing ? or just being a mod ? if still playing message me!! lol please.. we will team up but i will nor be a leader of any sort.
  3. Apollonia Pre-World Discussion

    me i will see how it goes slow worlds if played in their fashions. and teamed up right are not a slow world. can have mega wars and like 10 to 20 towns in a few weeks. plus if also played right their gold buying can almost do it all..
  4. Well..

    noobs are us....
  5. Rob's Graphic Designs

    can you make a respectable NooBiTe type thing. like the Killer NooB's, the noob team to the rescue or lol the NooBiTeS are Here to Save the Day.. something basically saying we was all Noobs in the first playing in grepo
  6. Quitting The Game & Why

    Sloth me and you was partners. heres my email number you will remember me then i bet ;P.. lol after a message or two...
  7. Quitting The Game & Why

    i am an olde guy with no ability to use a credit card, and i have never asked anyone too. i enjoy stupid grepo.. been at it for years ass well ;P...
  8. Troy (US43) Pre-World Discussion

    only a few have the gold to play with, sad to real life has a few things to say. you have to be a grepo op by all your remarks, about spending gold is a good thing, about to quit as well. playing chess for free on the net is in my views better than grepos make believe joy land.
  9. Troy (US43) Pre-World Discussion

    i say what i feel when made it involved thinking, not gold buying, and it wasn't made in America, it was given for i small sum to inno. inno wants money. do you mods make money ? all grepo (inno) wants is money if they and you think of ways to make more money, it will be the downfall, you all...