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  1. Top 12

    who won?
  2. Change my Mind

    gold in a knowledgeable players hands is very different than gold or a bot with a scrub, which isn't a real revelation. f2p can still compete against a heavy gold user but it probably changes the approach
  3. Change my Mind

    barely crack the top 200? having a pulse and checking in daily usually gets you in the top 200 and yes EVEN on en servers
  4. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    I am a very literal person, could be a discussion of sanitation systems. Will give nuance a try and follow the rules, you are better than CB
  5. Attack Alarms for Sieges (Conquest Worlds)

    defeats the purpose imo, siege is the holders responsibility since it isn't in their possession yet. would be nice if it would que units for me during that 12 hours so I have a ready made snipe when the siege ends but again it isn't my city so I get none of the perks
  6. Attack Alarms for Sieges (Conquest Worlds)

    it isn't your city so you shouldn't get alerts for it
  7. The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    you would have to fight more to understand how a bot gives someone the edge and myths are still over the top. If I converted all my cities to dlu (over 200k dlu) I still wouldn't be able to hold a siege with the myth numbers seen. I think Sword/archer/hoplites should be have their stats...
  8. Looking for old friends

    is this the same caps lock loving individual from way back?
  9. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    picked WW over Dom... what happened to everyone's disdain for WW p.s. mentioned "meme" so it still counts as on topic
  10. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    ^^^ Al the Conqueror! are you a carphi fan too!?
  11. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    just a carphi fan. really? where are the tbom memes by jcoo?
  12. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    When did Jcoo get so many fans?
  13. Top 12 Potatoes

    you must be a loon lol. enough of this nonsense though, nobody takes you seriously anyway
  14. Top 12 Potatoes

    idk sure seems like it is now
  15. Top 12 Potatoes

    No you were just a cheerleader for it I'm sure
  16. Actually updated Milestones

    another failed milestone list
  17. Actually updated Milestones

    difficult to imagine the circumstances for this