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  1. Grepolis for Kindle Fire

    I have Grep on my Kindle Fire, but I just noticed that it is no longer available for reinstall. What happened. :eek:
  2. Dio-Tools suppressing the Quest markers in the city list.

    According to Dio-Tools we should post the bug here. None of my worlds have quest markers in the city lists. World: Kos and Thebes In Game Name: DottieDear Have check the known bugs list: Yes Have you cleared your cache and cookies: Yes Have you tried a diffrent...
  3. Myths about game moderators and their motives for moderating

    I have been hearing a lot of misinformation about the motives and practices of the moderation team. I thought it might be helpful to some to explain what is going on. I hope my colleagues don't get upset at my speaking for the group. Myth 1. Mods are playing the worlds they moderate...
  4. How long before a ghost city goes to an island vacancy

    Question 1 I am looking for vacancies to invite my friends into Pi and there are a few ghosts where players have restarted or formally quit the game. How long will their ghosts last until the turn to vacancies? Question 2 How long before there is a world purge to get rid of inactive 175 pt...
  5. Ocean 54

    Hi, all the alliances I see in o.54 are either MRA's or small groups of inexperienced players. I am looking for players with experience, skill, and discipline to form an alliance. Please PM me if you are interested. 8).