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  1. Predictions

    Way too early to post this. I wanted to be that guy though, so here it is for all you nubs with a crystal ball.
  2. Top 12

    Take a look at my siggy. I took over Mofo82's account about 40k points ago.
  3. Top 12

    Ooftah, Chaos Reborn literally JUST lost kharnath, he ghosted or something. He accounted for a third of their ABP and was by far their best player by stats. I'd say without them, going off of ABP, they have 1 heavy hitter left, Prince Elric. Update: Chaos Reborn disbanded. Anyone know why...
  4. Power Rankings Week 3

    You should be using ABP average. And eBlans have 2 top 30 attackers, you have 0. Even they would do okay in a war with you. You said the first week this is based on who would win as of today. As of today, you wouldn't. I'd put quite a few alliances below you in these rankings up against you, a...
  5. Power Rankings Week 3

    I think you should just take Killshot Alliance off of here, you're very biased, your alliance is not THAT good, it can not beat all the alliances below it in a war "as of today". Other then that, nice job, I agree for the most part.
  6. App forums problem

    I'd like to thank the grepolis team for fixing the mobile forum, took while, but you guys fixed it and that's what counts.
  7. Power Rankings Week 2

    They broke off from GEFG, so they're rebellious against them, or they were until GEFG fell apart.
  8. Official Milestones of Heraklion

    Haha. We've got our own little portion of the rim, WICKED's got theirs, Chaors has theirs and you've got yours. TDR & Suspects have the core, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. 35 is pretty weak and 34 isn't too strong either, I could see Suspects going that way and taking a nice...
  9. Official Milestones of Heraklion

    Haha clay, think that deth will figure out based on the mail and talking to Brev who forwarded it to you, no need to cross my alliance name out, not like it matters, if they want to send CSs from 65 they can be my guess, we'll have 1k biremes waiting for them when they get here.
  10. What Does the Sloth Say??

    I recognize the name Swamp Fox Brigade from Iota... but not the player Swamp-Fox. How many points did you have?
  11. Top 12

    Little Miss Attitude didn't though. She must have a problem with deth.
  12. Top 12

    Come on clay, do some opinions, liven this place up.
  13. App forums problem

    Ya, I don't feel comfortable recruiting people who use their phones the majority of time because they can't communicate efficiently, and that's not fair to them as some of them are good players who try to help out. This is probably the biggest issue I have with the game at the moment. I have...
  14. World Juktas (US34) Preworld Discussion Thread

    Morale sucks. Who wants to spend double the troops just because someone isn't as active as you are?
  15. ebLANs Times: Issue 2 (special issue)

    Stogie, colonizing if for nubs. If you've been playing that world for 4 months and only have 50k.... that's bad.
  16. ebLANs Times: Issue 2 (special issue)

    Lol, but look at your rank Stogie. If you were half as active in game as you are here, you may actually be a decent player.
  17. Wars

    So... the other one we just took... no support... I thought he was backed very strong? We were looking for some BP, I need my 5th city, been slipping a little.
  18. Official Milestones of Heraklion

    The Usual & Unusual Suspects vs. Scholastic doesn't count for the First Little War, it says 25 conquests on both sides. I feel there should be a milestone for "First Little Beatdown" and that would go to them :p. TDR has conquered 50 cities in one week.
  19. Wars

    You guys should watch your other oceans outside of 65 if you're going to recruit there though.
  20. ebLANs Times: Issue 2 (special issue)

    Hey, where's the propaganda on how Obamka failed to take that Age of Gladiators city? I'd love to here your version of the story. Did the dictator poison the minds of the civilians who then resisted the liberators? :p