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  1. Sink or Swim #3

    If words from adversity mouth were LS/troops, he would be nr1 player in the world.So,mate.Im ready for you.Taking cits here and there.Hope you will not send prestuck homes cos we need cp.Its hard when you take cits on plate.Nothing worth to hit in sims cits...and from nr1 aliance to 5th...
  2. Sink or Swim #3

    Hmm...i dont bother much with this forum.Truly,atm i think Sims need to rename aliance name to Settlers:o Exit did that,we are taking hs cits,earning bp...There is no easy targets for you AlesLil?Killing cs?Who cares,its only recs,and your mate seajoker also start to found?,never...
  3. Sink or Swim #3

    Shut Up morons.
  4. Wars?

    Hmm,adver..whatever..did you support any of your mates that day?Guess not.I hear that you was screaming for help even in closed Alpha world!What i did(and do here) is team playing.You are just buzzing side effect in this game.If i go after you you will call me like Tryion (Exit friend) 3 O...
  5. US16 - You choose the settings! - Discussion thread

    It will be nice to put that 6th god from hero worlds..
  6. US16 - You choose the settings! - Morale

    No kill a lot of fun..
  7. US16 - You choose the settings! - Revolt or Conquest

    Conquest.Think is a bit harder but more fun..:)
  8. US16 - You choose the settings! - Speed

    World speed-B Unit speed-C
  9. Top 12 Alliances!!!

    2. PHX - This alliance has had far more growth than all others on the server for a while now but, growth is not everything. If they continue to clear out the stragglers, the density of their core will be "nearly" impossible to penetrate. When the time comes for all out war, they will be...
  10. Just my opinion...

    Hope it will be.I love this game.Right now...don't see any purpose to continue.Crown?Earned with br's and sw ords?No thank you!That is not my way...8)
  11. Just my opinion...

    M what do you think how i learn to play this game?This is not something that you can figure out by yourself.Bad thing is cos i know how to defend against att like that.I lost tons of cit's way back to figure out how to play.There was a lot of smart players there.Smarter and better than me.Now...
  12. Just my opinion...

    Well,grepo finally become Hyperborea all over.This was a game who give great advantage to def/turtle players.Now,they kill all the fun.You don't need any knowledge or exp.,just cast +30% def spell ask two players to send support,sit back,and wait for bp's! That poor attacker need 35-40 +30%...
  13. Top 12 Alliances!!!

    Phoenix..great players are here.8) ASC went def..So..8)
  14. Top 12 Alliances!!!

    Well,this world become..really interesting!.5 alliances left..thisisgrepolis,old enemys become friends.Those who survive joined..HG+TRA united..8)..well..8)
  15. Top 12 Alliances!!!

    What is IP tracker?!?!? Also,you report me several times?:oSo much about *YOUR WAY OF FIGHT*thisisgrepolis
  16. Top 12 Alliances!!!

    Zenima,only 3 players was involved in taking your city.We do that for fun!.You had,what?40 support incom AFTER our CS?!?!Lol... Please,no excuses.45h of attacks,7 top players,a lot of small players and you fail to revolt ONE city?:o So much about timings..thisisgrepolis
  17. Top 12 Alliances!!!

    Yap.We are doing great.Check our average pts/bp's.Acc to that we are nr1?Guess..:)
  18. Delta is open!

    Nah,no need for that Larp!Wait for Helghast,and we will take it..:)