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  1. EN 116 - Teos Premade Game speed: 4 Unit speed: 4 Trade speed: 3 Night bonus: no Beginners protection: 5 Days Alliance limit: 40 Conquer system: Conquest Conquest time: 12 Morale: No Endgame: Domination
  2. US 80 - Taras Feedback Thread

    You can always found a villa. Will have to look at the wiki how it's done again (' ',)
  3. US 78 - Rhammus Discussion Thread

    Im familiar with the endgames like domination and world wonders. Is the endgame conquest something new?
  4. Update 2.71 Discussion Thread

    No option to buy the Artifacts with gold?
  5. Apollonia Pre-World Discussion

    It opens tomorrow :(