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  1. World Ended as it started

    Yes, I do have the battle reports to Scarlet. It's very hard to forge that kind of evidence. Lol. It's kinda of lame to hurl pointless insults at each others while not having the numbers to back them up. We are all here to have fun playing this game. People can deny that they are not a...
  2. Wars~Discussion

    You were saying? :-)
  3. Wars~Discussion

    Haha, you're funny bro. To be honest, I'm still very new to grepolis and I enjoy playing this game. Along the way I've met some really nice and interesting allies and foes alike. But sometime only, I also encountered some of the most egotistical and dishonest human beings. Wheel Infamy...
  4. Wars~Discussion

    I remember someone posted something about "Kill them all". Apparently the person or his/her six/seven alliances are not doing a very good job at eliminating their potential enemies. Heard they were able to build all seven wonders too. All talk