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  1. Top 12

    A conglomerate of associations ... Demons and Devils, Mandela Effect, Sinners and Saints. They coordinated very well ... I had no chance :)
  2. Top 12

    Just dropping by to give a tip of the hat to my adversaries in this world. Your operation was top notch and persistent. This is why we play the game :) Hopefully, I made it fun for you. Sincerely, Ima Puma Puma Shadow
  3. Your winners

    A tip of the hat to the rats on the victory. Congrats!
  4. Trash Talk-

    With completion of the Pyramid, Rats has sealed this one up. I tip my hat to the superior effort and congratulate you on winning another world. I watched your group dominate Myonia, and here again in Oropos ... it is unlikely your group can be beaten, your system is too slick. A sincere...
  5. Trash Talk-

    It looks like the rats will win the rat race. You are just too organized. We gave it a run but in the end will likely pull in third place. I'll not congratulate a winner since one has not been declared, but the storm clouds gather and the darkness spreads across the land.
  6. Trash Talk-

    My Ode to Beer A full glass of hardy Ale, full of body and of essence true More than one can drink, but try and try until you do A world full of potential squeezed tightly in grasp fingers Squeezed too tightly, until it starts to bleed A storm arising with high atmospheric pressure and the...
  7. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Ouchie! Looks like a mass defection from the Snipers. Pretty drastic power shift in the world.
  8. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I am almost distressed you found my comment distressing. I have evidence (since my cities received those attacks) of df/hm working with Robots. It may have been a slight overstatement in that not all of robot and not all of df/hm attacked me, but there is some commingled efforts against my...
  9. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I stand corrected ... did not realize that the group formerly known as Robot Snipers had crawled under the skirt of Dumpster Fire / Hot Mess. It is really strange to see them working together .. just delouse the sheets when you get up!
  10. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Looks like this should be a top 5 sink or swim, yes? Still a bit of drama to sort out in this world, such as ... 1. which group will realize it does not need the other, Hot Mess or Dumpster Fire? 2. which group will bot its way to the top (tosses spit ball at Russians)? 3. which group will...
  11. World Wonder Time

    Congrats to Infamous/Wheel I wish to congratulate Infamous and Wheel for a superb plan and execution of said plan. It was the most professional effort I have seen in my short time in Grepolis and it was a pleasure to watch you work. The victory is well earned. Congrats!! Puma Shadow...
  12. Wars~Discussion

    Looks like this forum, much like the world of Sparta itself, is done.
  13. Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    Your group does indeed chew through biremes ... maybe in the next battle you will fight us with one light ship tied behind your back >_<
  14. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Does it count if you trash talk against yourself? :@
  15. Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    Though it is a 'trash talk' thread, I will give credit where it is due. Having tied up with Infamous a bit, they defend as well if not better than any alliance in this world. Their members poop 5,000 biremes every time they hit the potty. The world is still young and the wars continue, but...
  16. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Oliver, we had some epic battles in the last stages of Upsilon. I regret we will not be able to duplicate those battles in Sparta. Allow me to wish you good luck in your studies, and I hope to either fight with you or against you in a future world. For now ... study hard and take care. Puma
  17. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I am sure everyone will keep fighting ... but with the Matters gone, and with VortexGods and The Wheel suckling at the teet of Infamous, it might just wrap this world up.
  18. Wars~Discussion

    So, Chris now turns on the alliances that gifted the crown to him in Upsilon ... too bad this courage was not present then, we might have enjoyed a different outcome :) Sure hope the Vortex group are not in the for the same nasty surprise we received. Good luck!
  19. Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    No offense, but moderation in a 'trash talk' thread?
  20. Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    I feel your pain Tiger ... I sometimes share tights with Kim Kardashian, but she complains when I stretch the butt out a bit.8)