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  1. Top 12 Potatoes

    1. Redemption (Sink) MRA MRA MRA 2. Undecided (Swim) I mean what do you expect. Look at the roster ;) 3. The Order (Sink) MRA MRA MRA 4. Four Horsemen (Swim) Really the only other team that matters other than Undecided. They have a lot of great players
  2. Milestones

    Do you want a cookie ;)
  3. Top 12

    hehe, i was at the beach and didn't have good connection! messed up on the snipe :)
  4. Top 12

    LEX doesn't help ME at all really, they helped me snipe one cs lol, ive gotten no lts or anything from them btw :)
  5. Top 12

    They are sniping the cs's? I could go back further and find more :)
  6. Top 12

    We are actually by ourselves :)
  7. Trash Talk

    LOL you didn’t even kick me and how many cs’s have we sniped so far? I think we are on 19 or 20 now?
  8. Trash Talk

    I took a city too and I am in an alliance of 3!! ;)
  9. Trash Talk

    fall off* lol
  10. Trash Talk

    I love being talked about on the externals!!!! ;)
  11. Nicaea Chronicles Issue Two

    JR the Sad Reporter, how do you not know them? AD is the leader :)
  12. Top 12 sink or swim

    Lol after I made the top 10, about 2 minutes after a top 12 thread was made.
  13. Nicaea Chronicles Issue One

    Kittens of Doom pacted with Caliber? I can confirm that PMB doesn't have a nap with KoD
  14. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    I guess I will start lol 1. Relentless- Number 1 on points. Number 1 on ABP and DBP coming out of Beginners Protection with a bang. A lot of familiar faces over there and experience. Swim 2. Spartan Elite- Have a good core going, seems they will take 55 without anyone to stop them. A lot of...
  15. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    You know the deal
  16. Why doesn't Nicaea have its own Forum?

    Alright, Thank you for the Quick Response!
  17. Why doesn't Nicaea have its own Forum?

    I was really wondering, Why doesn't Nicaea have its own forum yet? They normally have it up before the world even opens and there still isn't one when bp ends for a lot of people tomorrow...
  18. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    You forgot Don't Panic :(
  19. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I've been wanting to ask, how are we getting killed everywhere? Most of our BP is ABP...
  20. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Is there only going to be one person making top 12 predictions for this world? or is everyone just going to continue to talk about AD....