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  1. Crash586

    The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    IMO I don’t think the cap needs to be adjusted at all. What I’m getting at is I always see people complaining that gold is killing the game. I don’t feel gold or instant build is the issue. I feel it’s the sister alliances and all the pacts. I don’t think people will ever quit and there is...
  2. Crash586

    The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    Everybody blames instant complete and gold advantages for the reason the US side is sinking. Its not the issue. The reason the US side is terrible now is the way we all go about playing it. Also this opinion isn't based on my current world... yeah its happening but my alliance did it too so...
  3. Crash586

    TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances

    Do trash players go to the rim? Kinda concerned for myself.
  4. Crash586


    Are we approved to use Flask-Tools here? It's an approved script for EN
  5. Crash586

    Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Should we just go ahead and mark these forums as a Safe Place?
  6. Crash586

    Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Wtf is this.... This isn't what I wrote. What snowflake edited this? Were always asking why things are dying on the externals, maybe it's crap like this. If you don't like the post and it damages your inner feels, just delete the whole thing. Don't change what someone said.
  7. Crash586

    Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Well, I don't see any point in golding anything at this point. I will say I think it's hilarious that Pillars members have to make city names such as "HeRanAway" to boost their egos about the win... Not like he's been active. You guy clearly proved yall can take cities off active members of...
  8. Crash586

    Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    One of the few things on the externals I can agree with. I had fun here and hope to do it again on the next.
  9. Crash586

    Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Eh, for some it may be. Really a learning stage for most of us. I know on my end and for a lot of the DW players, Dom is new. We got the confidence in our fighting skills but we didn't fully know what to expect from the Dom circle. At least I know I didn't. I'm sure most would agree with my...
  10. Crash586

    Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Well, I thought about it and I decided I made Pillars III look way too sexy. Had to break it apart before it broke the world. It happens...
  11. Crash586

    Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    - Pillars - SINK - Will get eaten by Pillars III - Deja Vu. - SINK - Will notice Pillars III looks really sexy and want to join them - Dark Wolves - SINK - Will notice Pillars III looks really sexy and want to join them - WrathOfSparta - SINK - Will get eaten by Pillars III - Pillars II - SINK...
  12. Crash586

    count to 50 before a mod posts

    8 !!!! 8)
  13. Crash586

    What are the differences bettween EN, and US

    We are a lot cooler though 8)
  14. Crash586


    Now there's a game idea.. Do a Grepo Nations world and crown the best server 8)
  15. Crash586

    Riddle - World Settings

    Wow!!!! These are awesome settings!!! Im definitely doing this one!!!!!!!!!! thisisgrepolis Can we say the settings here?
  16. Crash586

    US Servers

    I personally like that there has been a gap in between worlds since a lot of people were asking for it. 3+ months' is a bit much though especially considering so many worlds are closing and the last world released had such horrible settings. I could definitely see a 3 month gap in between worlds...
  17. Crash586

    Battle Royale Round 3

    When does the voting on this one begin?
  18. Crash586

    Battle Royale (Maleficient vs. Vadelle)

    Trying to figure out what games these are all from as I'm not familiar with some. What game is #2 from?
  19. Crash586

    Battle Royale~Week 12 Voting

    Congratulations Rclay!! Very nice work :)
  20. Crash586

    Hall of Fame?

    Thanks! :)